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Mosquito Resources

Potential Mosquito Sources In Your Home

(ENGLISH) Mosquito Source Checklist(SPANISH) Mosquito Source Checklist(CHINESE) Mosquito Source Checklist(KOREAN) Mosquito Source Checklist


Mosquitoes in our Communities Booklet

​English – Mosquito Guide Booklet

Spanish – Mosquito Guide Booklet

Simplified Chinese – Mosquito Guide Booklet

Vietnamese – Mosquito Guide Booklet

Korean – Mosquito Guide Booklet

Invasive Aedes Mosquito Alert Booklet

English, Spanish, Simple Chinese – Invasive Mosquito Alert BookletVietnamese – Invasive Mosquito Alert BookletKorean – Invasive Mosquito Alert Booklet

Department of Public Health – Invasive Aedes Mosquito Control Checklist

Spanish – Invasive Aedes Mosquito Control ChecklistEnglish – Invasive Aedes Mosquito Control ChecklistVietnamese – Invasive Aedes Mosquito Control ChecklistSimplified Chinese – Invasive Aedes Mosquito Control Checklist

West Nile Virus Brochure

English and Spanish – West Nile Virus Brochure


Guide to Applying Insect Repellent

English – Guide to Applying Insect RepellentSpanish – Guide to Applying Insect RepellentSimplified Chinese – Guide to Applying Insect Repellent

Heartworm and Your Pets

English – Heartworm and Your PetsSpanish – Heartworm and Your Pets

Mosquito Prevention and Protection

English – Mosquito Prevention and ProtectionSpanish – Mosquito Prevention and Protection

District Brochure

English - General District Brochure

Rain Barrels and Mosquitoes Flyer

English and Spanish – Keep Mosquitoes out of your Rain Barrel Flyer

Do-It-Yourself - How to Screen Yard Drains

English - DIY Instructions on  Screening Yard Drains

Flower Pots and Mosquitoes Flyer

English – Flower Pots and Mosquitoes Flyer