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Programs and Resources for Schools

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Mosquito SWAT Lab

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Our famous mobile education program is ideal for students in grades 4 to 6. The NGSS-oriented curriculum is perfect for students and will inspire and awe students the amazing world of mosquitoes. For more information, visit

Resources for Schools

You strive to provide your students with a safe and healthy learning environment. We can help.

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Invasive Aedes mosquitoes are now found in much of L.A. County, and have become serious concerns on school campuses. Hidden standing water sources around campus lead to prolific populations of aggressive day-time biting mosquitoes.  This is not only disruptive, it can risk the health of your students and staff.

The U.S. Department of Education cautioned State School Officers to guard against viruses spread by mosquitoes.  We are here to provide the information you need to manage cryptic water sources on school grounds. See the resources below.

Zika and West Nile virus: General Info for Schools in L.A. County

School/Property Maintenance: How to stop mosquito breeding on-campus

Post Around the School: “Save the Day Super Heroes”

Post in Nurse Office: “Zika Virus and Aedes Facts”