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Staff Training: Mosquito Safety

Businesses and agencies are increasingly concerned about the impact of mosquitoes on their employees. Our agency can help employees better understand how their work is related to mosquito control.

Our trainings are catered to individual needs of organizations. Staff will learn:

May contain: interior design, indoors, chair, furniture, room, meeting room, conference room, person, and human

• Mosquito biology basics (Why mosquitoes are a problem)
• Mosquito threats (What types of mosquitoes are an issue for them)
• Mosquito control (How to stay safe while working)

The training sessions are usually 45 minutes and are applicable to all employees who work indoors and outdoors.

To schedule a speaker or to have us participate in your next event, please submit a service request by filling out this form: Event and Speaker Request Form


Please provide at least a two week notice so that we can better accommodate your requests.