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Resources for Cities & Agencies

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Let’s Work Together to Prevent an Outbreak

If you are from a city or agency who wishes to help promote the public health issues related to mosquitoes and the diseases they can spread in LA County, look no further.


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Whether it’s smart gardening/water conservation or an update on Zika and West Nile virus, we can accommodate any meeting. We have done presentations to city councils, neighborhood watch groups and even to schools!

To schedule a speaker or to have us participate in your next event, please contact Mary-Joy Coburn, Director of Community Affairs at 562-944-9656 or email

Please provide at least a two week notice so that we can better accommodate your requests.

Events in the Community

Integrate us into your next community event…FREE!

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  • “Pop-up” Bug Repellent Booth – Attendees will get to use free insect repellent at an outdoor event when mosquitoes are active. They’ll get a valuable lesson in repellent use as well as learn new things about mosquitoes.
  • General Event Booth – Give us a table and two chairs, and we’ll bring a colorful display that will make any family bug out over mosquitoes!
  • Enlist the Mosquito SWAT Lab – Our new mobile science lab primarily visits schools, but can also attend major events! The STEAM-oriented curriculum is filled with interactive lessons and cool displays to wow people of all ages.

Please contact Mary-Joy Coburn, Director of Community Affairs, at 562-944-9656 or email for more details.

Due to the high demand for our free community services, please provide at least a four week notice so that we can better accommodate your requests.

Spread the Information

Here, we have a collection of digital files that can be used to raise awareness about public health issues related to vector control. These are free to use by other agencies and organizations to help us with our mission to protect public health.

If you would like to see additional resources, please contact the Community Affairs Department at