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Operations Department

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Operations' goal is to effectively manage mosquito populations and prevent disease transmission. Long-term mosquito prevention is accomplished through Integrated Vector Management (IVM) which includes a combination of applied techniques involving physical, chemical, and biological control methods. Operations collaborates with Community Affairs and Scientific-Technical Services to ensure effective control of vectors in our environment.

Mosquito prevention and management is performed by dedicated Vector Control Specialists. Unique and highly specialized equipment gives Specialists the ability to effectively manage sources while minimizing the need for pesticides.

The diverse duties and responsibilities of the operational staff include inspecting properties, neglected swimming pools and ponds, freeway drains, spreading basins, lakes, wetlands, street gutters, and many other mosquito breeding sources. The operations staff work out of two locations; the District’s headquarters in Santa Fe Springs and the branch office in Sylmar. All full-time operations staff are licensed and certified by the State of California Department of Public Health in pesticide laws and regulations, mosquito biology, terrestrial invertebrates, and vertebrate vector control.

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