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Mosquitoes Within the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District

Aedes albopictusAsian Tiger MosquitoLucky bamboo plants in nurseries and man-made containersPotential vector for dengue fever, WNV, and other encephalitis viruses
Aedes aegyptiYellow Fever MosquitoUrban environment indoors and outdoors in containers that can hold water.Yellow fever, chikungunya and dengue fever
Aedes notoscriptusAustralian Backyard MosquitoUrban environment in outdoor containers that can hold water.Canine heartworm vector
Anopheles franciscanusnoneShallow sunlit pools with algaeNot known to carry disease in California
Anopheles hermsiWestern MalariaClear pools with matted algaeMalaria vector
Culex erythrothoraxTule MosquitoPonds, lakes, wildlife refuges, and marshes with tules and cattailsPotential vector for WNV
Culex stigmatosomaBanded Foul WaterPolluted water (e.g., industrial and agricultural wastes); prefers to bite birdsSecondary SLE vector
Culex quinquefasciatusSouthern House MosquitoPolluted water (e.g.,septic tanks, dairy drains, catch basins, and underground storm drains)Vector of WNV; secondary for SLE and WEE
Culex tarsalisWestern encephalitis MosquitoAgricultural, commercial, man-made or natural sourcesPrincipal SLE, WEE, and WNV vector
Culex thriambusnoneFoothill riparian habitats, in sunlit pools, along streams and other water coursesPotential vector for WNV
Culex restuansnoneFound in foul waterPotential vector for WNV
Culiseta incidens, Culiseta inornata, Culiseta particepsCool Weather MosquitoesFresh and brackish water and containersNot known to carry disease in CA
Ochlerotatus sierrensisWestern treehole mosquitpTreeholes (particularly oak), tires, and containersCarry heartworm vector
Ochlerotatus washinoiWoodland pond MosquitoOccurs in floodwater habtiatsNot known to carry disease in CA