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Mosquitoes in Castaic

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Are you experiencing more mosquito bites? You might be dealing with the Invasive Aedes mosquito also known as the "ankle biter."

Aggressive, daytime "ankle-biting" Aedes mosquitoes continue to infest communities throughout California, including the community of Castaic. Their egg-laying behavior makes them impossible to eradicate but we can learn to control them with what we know.


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Aedes mosquitoes thrive in our neighborhoods, especially in yards and patios.

Aedes mosquitoes lay their eggs along the water lines found in containers.

Aedes mosquitoes only need a spoonful of water to breed 100s of more mosquitoes. 

Aedes mosquitoes lurk in cool, shaded plants that protect them from the sun and wind.

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We will continue to serve the public areas around you, but our access to private properties is limited - making mosquito reduction a shared responsibility between you, your community, and us!

Ways to Take Action Against Mosquitoes

1. Eliminate Breeding sources

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Remember - mosquitoes only need a spoonful of water to breed 100s of more mosquitoes. Scan your home and yard for containers that catch water (i.e. plant sauces, buckets, yard drains, rain gutters) and #TipTossTakeAction! A mosquito can go from egg to adult in only 5-7 days so it's important to eliminate sources weekly.

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2. Protect Your Skin!

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Use repellent with one of these four active ingredients recommended by the CDC and EPA-approved: Picaridin, Oil of lemon eucalyptus, DEET, or IR3535. Did you know most of these can be used on children as young as 6 months old? Remember to read the label for proper application!

Mosquito Repellent Myths - not all products will keep the bites away.




3. Share with your neighbors

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Have you eliminated all sources on your property and are still experiencing daytime biting? Join our Mosquito Watch Neighborhood program and get your neighbors to take action against mosquitoes as well. Mosquito control is a shared responsibility and we need you and your neighbors to work together to protect the community from mosquitoes and mosquito-transmitted diseases.

Request door hangers to share or volunteer to host a community presentation.


4. Additional resources

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Mosquito control shouldn't be difficult. Learn how you can take back your yard by doing these simple Do-It-Yourself projects to decrease mosquito activity.

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For more DIY Solutions, Download Our Mosquito Source Checklist