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Calling all Concerned Citizens!

The District is already starting to see high mosquito populations, which tells us that there is plenty of standing water in our neighborhoods. We are checking and managing water in your gutters, washes/drains, along the rivers and creeks, and in other public areas, but where we have difficulty… is in your neighborhoods.

Many of you know that water-filled buckets, rain barrels, and green, yucky pools will breed mosquitoes, and you take extra care to ensure your yard is water and mosquito-free. But your neighbors might not. Take some time this week to talk to them. Especially if you are already getting mosquito bites. Our most aggressive day-biting mosquitoes do not travel far from the water they emerged from. This means the work you do today will pay off quickly… TIP & TOSS – SHOW ‘EM WHOSE BOSS!

Need some help? Visit our Resources Page to request brochures to share with your neighbors or a speaker for your next neighborhood watch or community meeting. If you know of a green, poorly maintained pool, let us know about it.

We know we can’t do this alone. Mosquitoes are a community-wide issue requiring community support. Together, we can make a difference.