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After Your Inspection

What's Next?

Mosquito season in Los Angeles County seems longer every year because we are now dealing with two different types of mosquitoes: our native Culex mosquito and invasive Aedes mosquito. 

Mosquito Control is a Shared Responsibility

Our urban environment is an ideal breeding home for invasive Aedes mosquitoes. Help us control mosquitoes in your neighborhood by tipping out standing water, eliminating sources, or making changes around your home to prevent mosquito breeding in common household items. 

Here are tools to help you take your yard back!

Download our Mosquito Source Checklist

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Check out our DIY Video Series

Learn how to make small adjustments to common breeding sources around your home! 

Did you know yards and patios are the main source for aggressive, day-time biting mosquitoes? Your yard or your neighbors' yards may be the source.

Here are tools to make your neighborhood mosquito-free!

Join the Mosquito Watch Neighborhood Program!

To make a difference against mosquitoes, we need the help of your neighborhood. Distribute door hangers in your community or invite your neighbors to a vector control presentation (virtual option available). 

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